Smart Garden Lights

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Why not consider making the switch to a ‘smarter’ home? Our product range covers everything from convenience, security, and comfort. Give your home a boost in functionality by investing in smart technology. The advantage of smart lighting is that you have full control of the atmosphere and mood of your home.

You can set a level of brightness depending on the time of day; bright for those early mornings, and cosy and warm lighting for the evenings after a long day at work. Control your lighting solutions through your smartphone or tablet, using a range of functionality options to set up your home just the way you like it. At IC Lighting, we also understand that safety is important to our customers.

Our Escort Smart CCT Security Floodlight, for example, is ideally suited for individuals and families looking to boost their home security. It deters would-be intruders by brightly lighting the exterior of your home; you can also control the light while you are away on holiday (from anywhere in the world!), giving you control through a sophisticated app. For those hot summer nights, we also offer smart ceiling fans, which have an inbuilt lighting system. You can control all settings via an app or a traditional remote control. With a total warranty of six years, this product has been built to last.