Wall Lights

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Our IC Wall Lights range of exterior lighting is ideal for illuminating the outside of your home. Strategically placed outdoor lighting can create a welcoming and cosy environment for you and your guests, resulting in the perfect atmosphere for evening dinner parties or drinks with friends and family.


We also feature lighting solutions compatible with motion sensors, lighting your footpath when you come home at night, while also giving you an added layer of security and peace of mind. Our products are designed using the best materials covering all configurations (ex: energy efficient, plug-in or mounted lights) and using different IP classification ratings.

The high IP (Ingress Protection) rating for our exterior lighting solutions means they are perfect for challenging weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind, and dust. For standard garden lights, you should aim for a minimum of IP44 or higher. Our Yukon Contemporary up/Down Exterior Wall Lights, for example, have a rating of IP54. This rating is perfect for the weather conditions faced by the average Queensland home. Our products offer varying price points, ensuring affordability across the entire range. We also cater to different tastes and styles; our Ramada LED Exterior wall lights reflect a more modern aesthetic, while the Telbix - Avera is ideal for an antique look.