Let us worry about it for you!

At IC Lighting, we have find another way of protecting and taking care of our valued customers. Surely, majority of you guys have had some nasty headaches regarding the warranties for the products you purchased in the past. Somehow its always just few days/weeks/months after the warranty expires, that the item decides to stop working. The more “lucky ones” that are still within the warranty period, in most cases can’t find their receipts, installation documentation and all the other necessary paperwork needed to fill put the Warranty Claim Form. It has been three or five years since they purchased the item/s … who knows where the receipt (if it still has ink on it) is?

We have decided to save you worrying about all that … We will do it for you! This will in the long run save you a lot of money in buying another item to do the same thing, or paying extra for the electrician to come back.

What do you need to do?

  • Purchase items at IC Lighting
  • Install the items using one of our recommended electricians.
  • We will do the rest!

We have a designated database for all the warranty covers done with us. In this database we will keep a soft copy of your Invoice with IC Lighting, and a soft copy of the electricians receipt. If the item has a 5-year warranty, we will keep the track of that, and give you a curtesy call a month before the warranty expires, to check if the product is still in the working order, or in a need of a service/replacement. If it proves that the action is necessary, we will fill out the Manufacturers Warranty Claim Form, and send it to the Manufacturers to action. We will also fallow up on it and inform you how and when will your item be fixed/replaced. All we ask you is to let us know that you are happy with the outcome.

How do you get IC Cover?

  • If you are shopping online, you can select IC Cover as an option during your Check-Out
  • If you are shopping at our Store, our friendly staff will offer IC Cover to you during a sale.
  • Yes, you can add additional items to an existing IC Cover policy.
  • IC Cover is an optional service to you.
  • You qualify for IC Cover with EVERY purchase at our shop.