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IC Lighting customers can choose from a variety of light globes, from the essential LED dimmable tubular lamps, modern frosted options, smart LED RGB globes, and a spherical Art Deco light globe to enhance the style of your home. We offer a range of colour temperatures, depending on your needs and in which room you will be using the light globe.

Our smart range of light globes gives you the convenience of controlling lighting throughout your home remotely. You can set your lights to come on at a certain time of day, manually control your lighting if you are away from home, and fully configure the brightness of each bulb. You can configure your smart lighting with popular smart home solutions, including Alexa and Google Home.

To create a romantic feel or give your indoor space a cosy feel, we have several dimmable candle light globes, all of which are designed to mimic the warmth of real candles (without the risk of fire!). Or why not create a vintage look with our Deco range of products? Australian light fixtures require a variety of light globe fittings. IC Lighting offers a wide selection, including the traditional bayonet cap commonly found throughout Australia, as well as the various Edison screw light bulbs.