LED lights are fundamental to both interior and exterior lighting concepts. Longer lasting bulbs, more versatility and increased energy efficiency have made them the favored choice with consumers over fluorescent lighting. Our range of functional, decorative and stylish LED lights can be installed throughout the home, office or garden, and offer practicality while complimenting your design concept.

Adjustable LED spotlights are perfect for mood lighting, to illuminate a feature or piece of art, or can be used as task lighting on a specific surface. Alongside our downlights we also have LED up/down lights which add drama and atmosphere to indoor or outdoor spaces, perfect for mounting either side of an entranceway or placing on a wall.

Our range features outdoor LED wall and bollard lights, which illuminate walkways and staircases safely, with reduced glare. Many of our LED lights are tricolour, with variable colour temperature which can be adjusted between 3000K and 5000K as per your requirements. The range also features led pendant lights, which can be used as general room lighting or task lighting for surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom. We also offer a variety of elegant and functional vanity lights, ideal for bathroom mirrors.