Exterior Lighting

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Outdoor lighting is an integral part of landscaping design. It plays a crucial role in the creation of subtle moods and lifts and enhances both decorative and functional features. Harmony with your interior creates an aesthetic continuity which flows from indoor to outdoor space.


Our range of exterior lighting provides elegant and practical solutions for your outdoor space, and all our products are designed using the best materials covering all configurations and using different IP classification ratings. The range includes exterior wall lights, perfect for entrances, walls and pillars, all available in a range of styles from sleek, modern designs to antique, lantern style lamps in copper or bronze. For versatility, many of our wall lights are tricolour, with a variable colour temperature, allowing you to alternate between 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

Bollard lights add atmosphere and functionality to walkways. A variety of our lights provide wall washes and silhouetting effects for mood and ambience. The range also includes deck lighting kits, and for illuminating lawns we offer spike lights in stainless steel. Safety and security are also factors in designing a garden, and we have a selection of security lighting solutions, including options with motion sensors and inbuilt security cameras.