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Modern interior lighting design places an emphasis on zonal lighting, emphasising and enhancing smaller areas, and creating accents within the space. Down lights provide an excellent solution for creatively illuminating interior spaces: residential, working or commercial. Our range of downlights includes ceiling recessed options, as well as elegantly designed and functional fixtures, which can be integrated seamlessly with the architecture and design of your space.

Multiple downlights can be used to illuminate hallways or corridors effectively creating a rhythm which moves through the space. They are also ideal for task lighting, and are commonly installed above kitchen workspaces to help in food preparation, or above kitchen islands, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Our downlights can also be used in the living room, to place emphasis on features or to light a coffee table for functionality. If you have a large bathroom, they can be placed to create atmosphere and divide the room into different zones. We offer downlights that are dimmable and colour temperature adjustable, making them versatile options for offices as well as residential spaces. The range also includes smart technology lights, which can be programmed or voice controlled for convenience.