LED Globes

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Our collection of LEDs at IC Lighting offer variety, style, and several price points. LEDs are suitable for use throughout the home, whether your hallway, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. We offer both warm and cool white, depending on your tastes and room location. Several of our products are also compatible with dimmer switches, giving you full control of the level of light based on your mood and time of day.

Our products have also been designed to work with smart technology, giving you the option to control your home’s lighting remotely. Our light globes are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, allowing the flexibility to configure your home as you desire.

LEDs are the most efficient way to illuminate your home. This is because most of the energy created is geared towards light creation, as opposed to heat (e.g. halogen bulbs). Light-emitting diode light globes have several advantages over ‘traditional’ lighting options. They typically last 5-10x longer than halogen varieties, consuming just 25% of energy to produce the same level of lighting output. Even though individual bulbs are more expensive, you will save in the long-run in both replacement costs and through your energy bill. They are also more environmentally-friendly.