High performance 3 in 1 bathroom unit with integrated fan, heat, LED light and exhaust fan. Marvel’s housing is made of heavy-duty metal for extra durability and includes thermal safety protection.


Product Features:
Product Name: Marvel
Air Delivery: 500m³/h
Motor: 55W
Duct Outlet: Ø150mm
Light Type: LED Panel
Light Output: 2x8W
Light Colour: CCT (3000K – 4200K – 6000K)
Lumen output: CCT (1000lm – 1100lm – 1200lm)
Heat Lamp: 1000W Instant Heat Infrared Tube
Grille Size: 500mm x 350mm
Cut out size: 475mm x 325mm
Min. install depth: 210mm
Side outlet duct size: 150mm diameter
Ball bearing motor: Yes
Model Colour: Black, White
IP Rating: IPX2
Warranty: 3 years