Hi guys,

we often get customers in our shop asking this question.
There is no easy answer to it, as It is everyones personal choice, but here are the few tips on how to get the most accurate result.

  • Modern Home -> Cool White
  • Traditional Home -> Warm White
  • Commercial Areas (Offices) -> Day Light

If your home has a lot of tiles, glass, concrete finishes – we suggest you use Cool-White option.
If it is however, more European style home, with timber floors, or timber furniture – we suggest using a Warm-White option, as it brings out that natural look from the timber.

We also don’t suggest mixing the colours between the rooms, just out of the aesthetics reasons.
You can do it … it is your home, at the end of the day ;)

As for garden lighting – we strongly suggest use of the Warm-White option.